If you're a club professional, GolfDogFight 4.0 and GDFMobile provide promotional tools to help expose your golfers to information important to you. Whether it's an upcoming club event, a special on items in the pro shop, or an advertisement for lessons or other services, use GolfDogFight's promotional banner features to get the information in front of your members. You can even sell the advertising space to local businesses.

GolfDogFight offers two types of promotional banners.
  1. An e-mail footer banner contained at the bottom of every news item and round signup e-mail sent to your members. You can even make the banner a clickable link to redirect the member to a separate webpage containing more information about the promotion.

  2. A set of three alternating footer banners positioned at the bottom of the scrolling clubhouse scoreboard feature. These provide a way to promote to members gathered in the same place after a round. 
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Monday, September 26, 2016 4:19 PM