The Manage Players page allows you to assign players to a round and enter their scores and points for the round in order to calculate the winner.

If someone participates in the round that is not currently a member of your group, click the Add New Golfer button to add this new member to your club and assign them as a player to the round.  Note: if your trial period has expired, you must purchase an annual subscription for each new member before they will be assigned to a round.

If a member does not appear in the list of players, you may need to assign them to the round.  Click Assign Player to assign a player to the round.  This is commonly used when a player whose status has been changed to inactive has been reactivated.  Inactive players are not automatically assigned to each new round.  On the Assign Players dialog box click the green plus icon to assign a player to the round.  Click the Close button when you are finished.

Score, Points, and Merit Points can be entered only for golfers with a Signup Status of P.  Plus/Minus values are calculated automatically based on the Round Quota and Points value.  After entering the Point values for a list of golfers, click the Save button to calculate Plus/Minus values.

*Clicking Save and Cancel only applies to the current page of players.  Switching pages automatically saves any changes made on the current page.  If you want to discard changes made on the current page, click Cancel before switching pages.

You can sort players by different statistics by clicking the header of the column you want to sort in the players grid.

When you are finished entering scores and points, and after you have clicked the Save button,  check This round has been completed to publish the results to your members.  If you need to make changes to the round, you must first un-check This round has been completed.

Click The Print Round Worksheet to print a worksheet that you can take to the course for use in recording individual points.

Click The Print Member Rounds to print a report of your member's merit point totals, points for the last ten rounds, number of rounds played, and date of the last round they played.

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