The Manage Teams page allows you to add, edit, and delete teams for rounds with team play.

Before you can manage teams you must select team play for the round.

1. Under the Coordinator Menu click Manage Rounds.

2. Add a new round by clicking Add Round or edit an existing round by clicking the name of the round in the grid.

3. On the Round Format Tab, select the type of play:  Individual Net (best plus/minus), Individual Gross (most points), and or team play (You can play an individual DogFight and Team DogFight during the same round).  When the Team box is checked a new tab is opened to allow for a Two Man or Four Man Teams and Team Net (best combined plus/minus) or Gross (most combined points) event.

4.  Click Save or Finish.

5.  Click on the Golf Ball icon to the left of the red X of the Round that you just created or edited.  This will bring up the Manage Players page.

6.  Make sure the Signup Status for all participating players is set to P.

7.  Click the Save button to save any changes.

8.  Click the Manage Teams button.

9.  Select the method you would like to use to organize your teams from the drop down list.  You can calculate teams By Quota (highest quota paired with lowest quota) or Random Draw.

10.  Click the Calculate Teams button.

11.  You can add and delete teams altogether, and edit the players on each team by clicking the edit button for a team.  NOTE: there are no constraints on how many teams a player can be a part of.

12.  Once you have organized your teams, click the Return to Players link at the top right of the page.

13.  Enter the points for each player.

14.  Click the Save button when you are finished entering points.

15.  Click the This round is complete check box.  This will calculate the results for the round.

16.  You may now return to the homepage and click View Results for the round.  The team results will be displayed below the individual results (if any).

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